OpenCart: Display RSS Feed

RSS reader to display feed inside sidebar for any OpenCart theme.
There are a few parameters that could be specified in admin (Extension/Modules/Feed Display) after the module installed.
Only content of ‘title’ nodes are display. […]

OC3 Bug Session

That’s one of the biggest problem created with f… mind of the owner. As long as you play with a project, everything is fine, but in reality, you have a chance to get 400-900K records in your session table. […]

OC3 Bug SubTotals

I understand, that SubTotal is coming first, but guys, I do no not know what’s the f… problem to fix this simple bug… […]

OC3 Bug US Mail

This has been really bug since version 2+: no First Class mail available
Removed 1 day, 2 day, 3 day from US Mail. […]

OC3 Bug FedEx

Up to version there is a bug (in template) in Admin/Shipping and you cannot save shipping options you selected […]

OpenCart 3 : Maintenance Mode

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Unfortunately, being logged-in as Administrator you can forget, that Maintenance Mode is ON and the website is not accessible for the users until your decided to check it from another computer or device and figured out that you had a problem… for a long time.

Background image will be displayed for both back-end and front-end if you put your site in Maintenance Mode, see the screenshot below:


OpenCart: Список всех модулей и изменений

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Полный список модулей для OpenCart and new приведен ниже. Список модулей/изменений доступных для скачивания (пока только на английской странице). Ксли не указано особо, то модулиёизмения можно использовать для обеих версий
0109 – percent special %% or absolute value for special and discount
discount is taken over special
1001 – maintenance mode warning add background image in maintenance mode  
1102 – admin Last Select highlight last ACCESSED order, product, category
1201 – enable-disable multiple categories enable/disable selected categories [ 1300 is recommended ]
1300 – filter by category filter by category on category list in admin    
1301 – filter on product дополнительные фильтры для списка товара
– по категории
– по производителю
– изменена работа по количеству: можно задавать условие < или >
5000 – feed-display display unlimited number of RSS feeds. 


OpenCart : Percentage in Special and Discount

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The mod allows you to use absolute value or % for OpenCart Special Price & Discount

  1. Any number < 1 is considered as a discount in %%, for ex: 0.15 means 15% OFF retail price. The ‘On Sale’ price will be correlated with retail price.
  2. Special or Discount is greater or equal 1 will be processed as an absolute value.
  3. The mod will change the priority for Special и Discount. Discount will have higher priority than Special price.