OC3 UPS shipping module fix

It seems to get fixed in 3.1+ version but, not in OpenCart 3.0. I've just created file, named mod-fixes.vqmod.xml and placed in /system directory, have been tired to create install for every POS. I'm going to to post more changes I've added to this file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <![CDATA[MODS/FIX for OpenCart 3]]>
  <!-- ups fix -->
  <file name="catalog/model/extension/shipping/ups.php">
    <operation error="skip">
      <search position="replace">
        <![CDATA[if ($this->config->get('ups_' . strtolower($this->config->get('shipping_ups_origin')) . '_' . $code)) {]]>
        <![CDATA[if ($this->config->get('shipping_ups_' . strtolower($this->config->get('shipping_ups_origin')) . '_' . $code)) {]]>


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