OC Bug list

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+fedex- template errorA
layout- added sort by layout_idC
paypal standard- replace pp_standard payment moduleC
+sessions_gc.ocmod- clean session tableC
+subtotal- missing orderA
+usps shipping- missing US Mail First ClassC
+ups shipping- missing prefix (shipping_)Cscript

OpenCart 3: Sorting product list in invoice

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Most of orders contain 1-2 items, but there could be 10+ and it becomes a problem to follow the invoice and picking items from the shelves. Any field of your choice: model, sku, etc. Here is an example how to update invoice and packing list (vqmod format):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <id>For OpenCart</id>
  <author>alex cherednichenko</author>

  <file name="admin/controller/sale/order.php">
    <operation error="skip">
      <search position="before" index="2,3">
        $data['orders'][] = array(
// alcher
        array_multisort(array_map(function($element) {
          return $element['model'];
        }, $product_data), SORT_ASC, $product_data);
// alcher				

Source: 3 solutions for sorting multidimensional arrays by child keys or values in PHP

OC3 UPS shipping module fix

It seems to get fixed in 3.1+ version but, not in OpenCart 3.0. I've just created file, named mod-fixes.vqmod.xml and placed in /system directory, have been tired to create install for every POS.
Just create a file and copy/paste code or create install.xml and amke a mod. [...]

OpenCart 3 Improved Customer Search

How many time you could not recognize the name and the problem, but you have had a phone number? In OpenCart, there is no way to find the order by phone number. I had this hard coded, but now it's available as a mod. You will be search the order by name, phone number (only digits) or email [...]

OpenCart: Display RSS Feed

RSS reader to display feed inside sidebar for any OpenCart theme.
There are a few parameters that could be specified in admin (Extension/Modules/Feed Display) after the module installed.
Only content of 'title' nodes are display. [...]

OC3 Bug Session

That's one of the biggest problem created with f... mind of the owner. As long as you play with a project, everything is fine, but in reality, you have a chance to get 400-900K records in your session table. [...]

OC3 Bug SubTotals

I understand, that SubTotal is coming first, but guys, I do no not know what's the f... problem to fix this simple bug... [...]

OC3 Bug US Mail

This has been really bug since version 2+: no First Class mail available
Removed 1 day, 2 day, 3 day from US Mail. [...]

OC3 Bug FedEx

Up to version there is a bug (in template) in Admin/Shipping and you cannot save shipping options you selected [...]