OpenCart Mods List

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Full list of all modifications and modules for OpenCart could be found below. Here is a list of modules/mods available for download.

0109 – percent special %% or absolute value for special and discount
discount is taken over special
1001 – maintenance mode warning add background image in maintenance mode   CRB AC
1102 – admin Last Select highlight last ACCESSED order, product, category CRB AC  
1201 – enable-disable multiple categories enable/disable selected categories [ 1300 is recommended ] CRB AC  
1300 – filter by category add filter by category on category list   AC  
1301 – filter product add filter on product list
– by Category (sub-categories ON/OFF)
– by Manufacturer
– exact quantity (default), LESS/MORE. for ex: show all product 5 or less left: <= 5
5000 – feed-display display unlimited number of RSS feeds.    AC  


OpenCart: Last Accessed Selected

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Working with the products, customers,  orders, etc. list it could be a problem to figure out which one you’ve just viewed or edited. For the most of lists (templates: *_list.twig, the item will be highlighted, after returning back by pressing Cancel or Save.

By request, the mod is available for some older versions of OpenCart.

1102 - Admin Last Select Ocmod (716.0 B, 23 downloads)

OpenCart: Display RSS Feed

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RSS reader to display feed inside sidebar for any OpenCart theme.
There are a few parameters that could be specified in admin (Extension/Modules/Feed Display) after the module installed.
Only content of ‘title’ nodes are display. […]