OpenCart Mods List

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Full list of all modifications and modules for OpenCart could be found below. Here is a list of modules/mods available for download.

0109 – percent special %% or absolute value for special and discount
discount is taken over special
1001 – maintenance mode warning add background image in maintenance mode   CRB AC
1102 – admin Last Select highlight last ACCESSED order, product, category CRB AC  
1201 – enable-disable multiple categories enable/disable selected categories [ 1300 is recommended ] CRB AC  
1300 – filter by category add filter by category on category list   AC  
1301 – filter product add filter on product list
– by Category (sub-categories ON/OFF)
– by Manufacturer
– exact quantity (default), LESS/MORE. for ex: show all product 5 or less left: <= 5
5000 – feed-display display unlimited number of RSS feeds.    AC  


OpenCart: Maintenance Mode

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Unfortunately, being logged-in as Administrator you can forget, that Maintenance Mode is ON and the website is not accessible for the users until your decided to check it from another computer or device and figured out that you had a problem… for a long time. […]

OpenCart: Last Accessed Selected

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Working with the products, customers,  orders, etc. list it could be a problem to figure out which one you’ve just viewed or edited. For the most of lists (templates: *_list.twig, the item will be highlighted, after returning back by pressing Cancel or Save.

By request, the mod is available for some older versions of OpenCart.

1102 - Admin Last Select Ocmod (716.0 B, 23 downloads)

OpenCart: Display RSS Feed

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RSS reader to display feed inside sidebar for any OpenCart theme.
There are a few parameters that could be specified in admin (Extension/Modules/Feed Display) after the module installed.
Only content of ‘title’ nodes are display. […]