OpenCart 3 : Orders counter/number

The mod will show the number of orders placed by the customer. [0001] means it’s the first time one, [0002] or more will mean it’s returning customer. By clicking the number will show all the orders placed by this customer (Improved Customer Search mod must be installed as well).

1205-order-counter Ocmod
1205-order-counter Ocmod
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OpenCart 3 : Improved Customer Search

2 thoughts on “OpenCart 3 : Orders counter/number

  1. Is this mod also count the guest checkout as well.
    For example Most of the time people dont want to register their details and prefer to checkout as guest.

    1. Yes, works for all customers. Right now, I am using email to check if the customer has bought before. It’s not the perfect criteria, but it works pretty good for more than decade 🙂
      Do not forget “Improved Customer Search”, to filter by email. BTW: It will also help you to find customer by email, phone number…

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