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Dr. Andrew Hawrych

There are no fancy post-types or taxonomies, it just helps the doctor and his staff to manage a presence over Internet.

Very nice and simple responsive Romangie theme for WordPress, with a few minor modifications to make it “computer friendly”.


… to be continued


No longer supported or out-of-business:


Eliseev Wedding Dress


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– Currently is used as a catalog
– Customer can sign for appointment

  • MDF [Instruments] Mart
  • Pelican Trading Company®
  • k1-k3Visas
  • RussianFiancee forum
  • TexasPolini
  • JR Motorsports
  • POLINI USA official site & forum
  • The Steering Wheel
  • Action North America
  • Naples Motorsport
  • STREEM Center
  • 2AlertMe
    It was real-time stock alert system, passed away a few years ago.Privatebranded, co-branded, etc. The subscriber received a notification bye-mail, phone or fax. Server side technology: ASP + MS SQL 7/2000
  • Air2Print
    Everybodytried to bring everything on Internet. The idea was to provide the cellphone users with the ability to send or forward the messages to any faxmachine to “print” them. But other ideas came… Server sidetechnology: no