SSD (just for my records)

it’s not a comparison or reviews. just the list of ssd drives installed in my computers or used for upgrade. usually, the criterion to choose was “size for reasonable price”.

 Brand  Model  Chip Size (GB)
Samsung 850 EVO MZ-75E250   250
Crucial MX200 CT500MX200   500
Crucial MX100 CT256MX100   256
PNY  XLR8   240
Radeon (OCZ)  R7-SSD-240G  MLC 240
OCZ ARC100    MLC 240
Selicon Power SSD162  MLC 240


Pandas, Penguins… Smart content drives SEO strategies

The goal of the major algorithm updates of the past few years, which Google Google engineers named Penguin and Panda, respectively, is pretty specific: 

  • To show high-quality, highly relevant search results to consumers. That means web pages that have original and valuable content show up higher in search engine results and consequently get more attention and clicks from consumers.
  • Web pages that the algorithm deems less valuable show up lower and get less attention and clicks.

It is about building great content, creating something that people want. That is the stuff search engines are looking for.


IR Jan, 2013

Social Media is not free

“To use social media effectively today takes strategists, writers, community managers, graphic designers, app developers, and customer service reps. It all costs money, even before you throw in funds for brand monitoring and analytics tools, publishing and promotions software, buzz-building prizes and giveaways—or for paid social media advertising.” (Advanced Social Media Marketing)

  • Purchase likelihood increases 51% after a customer clicks the “like” button
  • 90% of consumers trust product reviews from people they know; 70% trust reviews from people they don’t know
  • 40% of social media users “like” businesses in order to receive special discounts and promotions
  • Facebook fans of a brand spend twice as much as those who are not Facebook fans

IR Jan 2013

Portfolio Review

The Dos and Don’ts of Portfolio Presentations

  1. What to include – your full portfolio should start off strong, followed by work that relates to the potential job, followed by designs that will show you have other abilities and talents.
  2. Avoid mistakes – too large in size, too many pieces, nothing related to the position, etc.
  3. Communication and creativity rule
  4. Be sure – keep it clean and simple. Be very critical of the pieces you choose.
  5. The Resume – it is just as important as a portfolio because it’s the first impression.
  6. Be aware of conceptual work
  7. Highlight your skills
  8. Keep the work is organized in somewhat of a chronological order, grouped by place of business or work history
  9. Sloppy Presentation
  10. Don’t try to fill your portfolio to make it look big 
  11. Jack of all trades, master of none-don’t try to show everything to everyone. 
  12. If you’re a digital artist or Web designer, an online portfolio is a must. 
  13. Add Words and description – just leaving images on a blank page with no information can leave one with more questions than answers.  Who was it for? How long of a timeline was there? What was your role in the image?

Full text in Layers Magazin, Sep-Oct 2010