Display RSS Feed

It's free RSS reader to display feed inside sidebar for any OpenCart theme. There are a few parameters could be specified in admin (Extension/Modules/Feed Display) after all files being uploaded and module installed:
- Unlimited number of feeds.
- Custom title
- Number of items to display


Percentage in OpenCart Special and Discount

The mod allows you to use absolute value or % for OpenCart Special Price & Discount/Quantity discount

Any number < 1 is considered as a discount in %%, for ex: 0.15 means 15% OFF retail price. Special/Discount price greater or equal 1 will be processed as an absolute value by OpenCart. By request, the mod is available for older version of OpenCart.


OpenCart: Heartbeats

Unfortunately, session could expire any time you are expecting less, and everything, you have been working on, will be lost because somebody called you over the phone, you went for lunch, in other words, just simply being interrupted...

- Just install included ocMod

- OpenCart versions or higher


OpenCart: Maintenance Mode

Unfortunately, being logged-in as Administrator you can forget, that Maintenance Mode is ON and the website is not accessible for the users until your decided to check it from another computer or device and figured out that you had a problem... for a long time.

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