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CSS3 Raising The Style Standard   CD 185
A Browser History (just interesting…)     177
Super Fast. Optimizing for web performance     187
Securing your site     187
Optimise WordPress & enhance site performance     187
Custom Twitter page techniques     187
Facebook page with 520 Grid System     179
Develop newsletter script in PHP and MySQL     187
Create an animated navigation menu   CD 179
Build Twitter application with jQuery Mobile   CD 179
Create a site suitable for iPhone and Android (jQTouch)   CD 177
Create an interactive HTML5 footer   CD 185
Add instant text effects with CSS3   CD 185
Create CSS style-switcher for you site   CD 177
CSS Layout Regions Prototype     187
Using PNG for multi-layered backgrounds     177
Reduce images with CSS typography      187
The future of web fonts     179
Typography blogs     177


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