Percentage in OpenCart Special and Discount

The mod allows you to use absolute value or % for OpenCart Special Price & Discount/Quantity discount

  1. Any number < 1 is considered as a discount in %%, for ex: 0.15 means 15% OFF retail price. The ‘On Sale’ price will be correlated with retail price.
  2. Special/Discount price greater or equal 1 will be processed as an absolute value by OpenCart.
  3. The mod will change the priority for Special и Discount. Discount (OpenCart “quantity discount” will have higher priority that Special price).
  4. By request, the mod is available for older version of OpenCart.
Percentage for Special and discount
Percentage for Special and discount
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It’s FREE, if you are not lazy and you like it or not, add rating or comments… Support is negotiable.


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