OpenCart: Display RSS Feed

added for OC3: you can use different feeds for each language, not just titiles

RSS reader to display feed inside sidebar for any OpenCart theme.  There are a few parameters that could be specified in admin (Extension/Modules/Feed Display) after the module installed. Only content of <title> nodes are display.


  • Unlimited number of feeds. For example: different feeds could be displayed on home, brand, and info pages.
  • Custom title
  • Number of items to display
  • AJAX call module’s controller.

If you would like to display ‘Featured Images’ for WordPress you need to add the following code in functions.php file for your WordPress theme:

add_action('rss2_item', 'add_my_rss_node');
function add_my_rss_node( ) {
if( has_post_thumbnail() ):
$thumbnail = wp_get_attachment_url (get_post_thumbnail_id ());
echo "<image>{$thumbnail}</image>";
Rss Feed
Rss Feed
Version: 2.3
14.2 KiB
5000 - Rss-feed Ocmod
5000 - Rss-feed Ocmod
Version: 3+
11.3 KiB

6 thoughts on “OpenCart: Display RSS Feed

  1. Dear,

    Is there any possibility to install this module on Ocstore 2.3 ?
    Also, the available file is offline and can’t be downloaded 🙁

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, I have version for OpenCart 2.3.*. I will uplaod or send it to you today. Thank you very much for information about a problem with downloads, it will be fixed shortly.

  2. it think it should be “url NOT working”, sorry I did not understand. What version of OpenCart are you using?

  3. Hi,

    I have installed your extension in version 3.2 and it perfectly installed. But can you guide me how would I get a link of rss feed? Can you please help after installing how I can enabled rss feeds? or how I can active rss feeds?

    Thank You

    1. I sent bunch of screenshots by email
      1. Extensions/Modules -> Install, Edit/Enabled
      2. Add link to the RSS Feed field
      3. Name is optional. It’s a name of block on the page
      4. Add to the layout (the left or right column)

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