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OpenCart: PayPal Express transactions not displayed

There are two problems with pp_express_transaction.twig template (used to display transactions on Order/View page): missing {% endif %} and ‘is’ should be replaced with ‘==’ (see code below).

from vqmod.xml

<file name="admin/view/template/extension/payment/pp_express_transaction.twig">
<operation error="skip">
<search position="replace" offset="1">
{% if transaction.payment_type == 'instant' and (transaction.payment_status is 'Completed' or transaction.payment_status is 'Partially-Refunded') %}
{% if transaction.payment_type == 'instant' and (transaction.payment_status == 'Completed' or transaction.payment_status == 'Partially-Refunded') %}
<a href="{{ transaction.refund }}" data-toggle="tooltip" title="{{ button_refund }}" class="btn btn-danger"><i class="fa fa-reply"></i></a>&nbsp;
{% endif %} 


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