Stop being prompted to upgrade Thunderbird

I’d been happy and still, using Thunderbird 60.*. It’s a great desktop application, nothing MOBILE FIRST, to make easier to handle multiple accounts. F-Google’s stop working, saying about protecting my personal information from using the old applications. It’s BS. OK, I had two options

  • to use my personal email and get rid off (same happened with yahoo some years ago)
  • to update Thunderbird… I did it, something around 90.*

… and there is no option to stop this f-pop-up windows, that I need the upgrade. Very frustrated…

You can create your own .reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Lazy to create a file? Not a problem, just download a file and update the Registry

276.0 B

Resources: How can I stop being prompted to upgrade Thunderbird?

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